Very Important Cat & Very Important Dog.” Our missions is to create products that are innovative, easier for owners to use, and practical for your fur pals.

Founder: Michael and Angela.

Michael, a man with 40 years of sports and finess manufacturing experiences, feels the need and importance for senior healthcare. He does exercises every morning to prevent muscle loss and stay healthy. So there was one day, Michael thought, “How about our pets? they age much faster than us!”

Angela, who belongs to a younger generation wants to create something that is new, interesting and practical for pet owners and their fur kids.

Together, they built a team consisting of product designers and animal health professionals to help develop our product lines; Pet health & exercises and pet supplies.

Pet health & Exercises – Strengthening your pooch’s muscle and mind through VICVID sports and rehab devices.

Pet supplies – Interesting products that fulfill you and fur kid’s extra needs.

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